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Huron County Skywarn is on 146.865- Repeater. 




Trained SKYWARN observers provide the NWS with accurate and timely reports using controlled networks on Amateur Radio, public safety, citizen's band radio, and other forms of communication. If the NWS confirms severe weather with SKYWARN spotter reports, it is confident about the accuracy of the report. Then NWS meteorologists quickly notify local authorities, which activate civil defense sirens. The news media also receive notification so they can make reports on local broadcast stations.



Ohio Skywarn Frequency Directory

Skywarn Frequency Directory Updated June 10, 2003
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NWS Nets Primary PL Backup PL Ohio Count Nets Primary PL Backup
Clevleand, Closed 52.68 107.2 Adams 147.000/R
Nothern Indiania 146.820/R Allen
Pittsburgh 147.090/R 88.5 Athens
Auglaize              ( Logan) 147.000/R
Group Nets Primary PL Backup PL Belmont 145.210/R 146.760/R
Cleveland District 1 147.375/R 147.270/R Brown 146.880/R
Cleveland District 2 145.230/R 110.9 Butler       ( Montgomery) 146.640/R
Cleveland District 3 146.850/R 71.9 Carroll 147.075/R 443.200/R
Cleveland District 4, clo 147.345/R 110.9 147.180/R 110.9 Champaign            (Logan) 147.000/R
Cleveland District 5 147.015/R Clark         ( Montgomery) 146.640/R
Cleveland District 6 145.130/R 186.2 Clermont 146.655/R
IWX IMO Skywarn 147.150/R 146.820/R Clinton 147.120/R
ILN Central Ohio 146.760/R 147.240/R Columbiana 146.805/R
ILN Miami Valley N. 147.000/R Coshocton 145.230/R 146.730/R
ILN Miami Valley S 146.640/R Darke 146.640/R
INL WARN 146.880/R 147.090/R Defiance 147.150/R 146.820/R
Delaware        ( Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Cleveland NWS Nets Primary PL Backup PL Fairfield          ( Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Ashland 147.105/R 71.9 145.130/R 110.9 Fayette             ( Franklin) 146.760/R 123 147.240/R
Ashtabula 147.390/R 131.8 146.760/R 186.2 Franklin                    (Hub) 146.760/R 179.9 147.240/R
Crawford, OH 148.850/R 71.9 Fulton 147.150/R 146.820/R
Crawford, PA 145.130/R Gallia
Cuyahoga 146.760/R 110.9 146.880/R 110.9 Greene      ( Montgomery) 146.640/R
Erie, OH 146.625/R 110.9 Gurnsey 146.850/R 91.5
Erie, PA 146.610/R 127.3 Hamilton
Geauga 147.015/R 110.9 147.210/R 110.9 Hancock 147.150/R 88.5
Hancock 147.150/R 88.5 Hardin                 ( Loban) 147.000/R
Holmes 146.670/R 71.9 147.210/R 88.5 Harrison 146.655/R
Huron 146.865/R 110.9 147.48 Henry 147.150/R 146.820/R
Knox 146.790/R 71.9 Highland            (Clinton) 147.120/R
Lake 147.210/R 110.9 147.015/R 110.9 Hocking            (Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Lorain 147.150/R 110.9 146.700/R Jackson
Lucas 146.835/R 103.5 146.940/R 103.5 Jefferson 147.060/R
Mahoning 146.745/R 110.9 147.315/R 156.7 Knox 146.790/R 71.9
Marion 147.300/R 71.9 Lawrance
Medina 147.030/R 141.3 147.030/R 88.5 Licking              (Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Morrow 146.940/R 71.9 147.360/R 71.9 Logan 147.000/R 87.1
Ottawa 147.075/R CSQ Madison            (Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Portage 145.390/R 110.9 145.68 CSQ Mercer 145.250/R
Richland 146.940/R 71.9 147.360/R 71.9 Miami       ( Montgomery) 146.640/R
Sandusky 146.910/R CSQ 145.350/R CSQ Monroe 147.270/R
Seneca 145.450/R 107.2 Montgomery 146.640/R
Stark 147.120/R 110.9 146.790/R 110.9 Morgan
Summit 146.640/R 110.9 147.135/R 110.9 Meigs
Trumbull 146.970/R 100.0 147.045/R 110.9 Noble
Wayne 147.210/R 88.5 147.345/R 110.9 Ottawa 147.075/R CSQ
Wayne 147.390/R 114.8 147.210/R 88.5 Paulding
Wood 147.180/R 203.5 Perry
Wyandot 147210/R 107.2 Pickaway         (Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Pike                   (Adams) 147.000/R
Preble       ( Montgomery) 146.640/R
Ross                 (Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Scioto                 (Adams) 147.000/R
Seneca 145.450/R CSQ
Shelby                 (Logan) 147.000/R
Tuscarawas 146.730/R
Union               (Franklin) 146.760/R 147.240/R
Van Wert
Warren     ( Montgomery) 146.640/R


Here's a map showing locations of Skywarn Spotter's Home Locations


Huron County Amateurs